Ravens Fan Commemorates Week Two Win Over The Chiefs By Getting A Tattoo

To one Ravens fan, the Week Two win over the Chiefs on Sunday night may as well have been the damn Super Bowl.

Following the dub, fan Nic Cullison posted a picture to social media, with the final score of 36-35 tattooed on his body.


I’ll admit it, it was a pretty awesome game of football, perhaps the best one we’ll see all season. But I’m pretty skeptical of a fan commemorating a regular season game by getting a tattoo.

Social media had some reactions to the unique move, as well.



Nic Cullison heard his critics loud and clear. But he didn’t really give a shit.

The Ravens fans would comment on the post once he realized he had gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe this guy did this as a joke. Or maybe he just wanted to do something that he knew was going to take off all over the internet.

If that was the case, Nic Cullison’s Week 2 tattoo move was a great success.

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