O.J Simpson Still Owes A Lot Of Money From Wrongful Death Lawsuit

O.J Simpson is now active on social media, flaunting a lavish lifestyle that consists of golfing and fine-dining. However, he might not have as much money as he lets on.

According to TMZ, Fred Goldman has filed new court documents claiming O.J Simpson has only paid $132,849.53 out of the $70 million+ he was ordered to give to the Goldman family after their son’s death.

The initial money amount due from Simpson was $33.5 million, but Goldman now claims that over $70 Million is due because of interest that has built up over the years.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Famously, Ron Goldman was murdered alongside Nicole Brown Simpson in Brentwood, Ca in 1994. While O.J. Simpson was found not guilt of the brutal murders, he was found liable.

It appears to be Ron Goldman’s hope that filing additionally court documents will put the pressure on O.J Simpson to pay up.

The 73-year-old Simpson was in prison for a separate robbery case, but was released in 2018. Fred Goldman now claims that O.J. Simpson has continued to make money by signing autographs and selling memorabilia.

I gotta say, O.J. Simpson comes off like a real scumbag here. Just pay the family already. They’ve been through enough.

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