Niners RB Raheem Mostert Wants A Trade After The Niners Did Nothing For His Contract Demands

Raheem Mostert emerged as the lead back for the 49ers down the home stretch of last season’s Super Bowl run. But, as we know by now in the NFL, running backs have limited windows for a big payday. And news has emerged today that Mostert wants his, courtest of his agent Brent Tessler:

I will never begrudge a player who wants to get paid. Particularly after Raheem Mostert was a monster last year and arguably won some games for the Niners singlehandedly.

But Raheem Mostert and his agent have to know this is a losing battle. The Niners already traded Matt Brieda to the Dolphins. It seems unlikely they’d lose even more depth at the position, particularly underpaid depth when it’s possible they cut the expensive and oft-injured Jerick McKinnon. This is a Kyle Shanahan offense that’s likely to make a star out of whoever gets the lion’s share of touches. A hold-out would likely end up in Melvin Gordon territory for Mostert:

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It seems more likely he gets a modest pay increase in line with his backfield mates than a trade but we’ll see. That said, I’m always going to be pro-player in these battles so I hope Raheem Mostert gets what he wants out of this standoff. You can’t get special teams money as the lead back in the same locker room as that Jerick McKinnon bag. Even Jerick McKinnon would agree there.

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