NCAA Refs Under Fire after Ejecting UConn’s Dan Hurley For Riling Up The Crowd

Uconn head coach Dan Hurley is known for his unique mannerisms and off-the-charts energy. But still, what happened to him on Tuesday night was completely unwarranted.

During the marquee matchup against Villanova, Hurley went to pump up his fan base, when he was hit with a technical foul. Being as it was his second tech of the game, Hurley was forced to leave the game.

Fans swarmed social media to rip the referees in college basketball after Dan Hurley’s ejection.

Luckily for Dan Hurley, his team would still come back to beat Villanova in thrilling fashion with him watching from the locker room. The head coach still admitted that he was “stunned” when he got sent to an early shower.

Ejection aside, Dan Hurley has completely turned the Uconn program around in his four season as head coach — leading them to a 20-7 record on the season this year.

And luckily, he’ll still be going home to celebrate tonight after one of the biggest wins in recent memory for Huskies fans.

Nevertheless, the NCAA should take a long look at the Dan Hurley ejection from Tuesday night when holding refs accountable in the future.

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