Monday Night Football To Reverse Course, Not Include Presidential Candidate Interviews At Halftime

Throughout recent history, Monday Night Football has conducted short candidate interviews with each presidential hopefully on the day before the election. That was, until this year.

ESPN’s Chris Berman interviewed Barack Obama and Mitt Romney prior to the 2012 election. The short tradition started in 2008. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did not partake in a halftime television interview, they were interviewed by Jim Gray on the Westwood One MNF radio broadcast.

It appears that all broadcasts will pass on interviewing the candidates for tonight’s game between the Giants and Bucs.


Donald Trump has been critical of the NFL in the past. Specifically, claiming that he refuses to watch any game where the American Flag is disrespected. Ever since players started protesting social justice during the anthem, Trump has been displeased.

We’ll see if there’s any mention of tomorrow’s election during the broadcast. As for the candidate interviews, maybe ESPN will bring back that Monday Night Football tradition in 2024.

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