MLB Insider Jeff Passan Trending After Ripping MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred During Lockout

ESPN’s MLB insider Jeff Passan and other baseball writers are currently coving an ongoing lockout imposed by commissioner Rob Manfred and the owners.

The owners and MLBPA are now working under a midnight deadline to get a deal done before regular season games are guaranteed to be cancelled.

With this being the case, Jeff Passan wrote a scathing article directed to Rob Manfred and the MLB owners.

“If you went and got the next 1,200 best players in the world, the product would suffer greatly,” Passan wrote. “If you handed MLB teams over to any 30 competent businesspeople the sport would not suffer. Actually, it might improve.”

Jeff Passan was celebrated all over the web for putting Rob Manfred in a bodybag.

Jeff Passan shared the same belief as MLB fans all over the country that this lockout and impending suspension of the MLB regular season falls mostly on the shoulders of Rob Manfred and all the owners.

So far, the two sides have been negotiating for over four hours on Monday. But there’s still little optimism from anyone who covers the sport that we’ll see a deal strike before the midnight deadline.

It looks like Jeff Passan will be forced to cover Rob Manfred and the lockout for longer than any of us want.

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