Mike Tyson Gives Logan, Jake Paul ZERO Chance Against Floyd Mayweather

If Logan Paul is looking for a vote of confidence ahead of his fight next month against Floyd Mayweather, he sure isn’t going to get it from Mike Tyson.



Neither should his brother, Jake Paul, who made headlines this week by taking Mayweather’s hat at a press conference.

54-year-old “Iron Mike” was asked if he thought either Paul brother could hang with the undefeated Mayweather. Let’s just say he didn’t pull any punches with the TMZ Sports reporter.

When asked if he thinks Jake Paul can win a fight against Floyd Mayweather, Tyson’s response likely reflected what anyone with any sort of boxing knowledge would have said:

“No, he’s gonna get beat up pretty bad.”

To the follow-up question of whether he gives either Jake or Logan Paul a puncher’s chance against Money May, Tyson simply shook his head.

Certainly doesn’t appear that one of the most popular and dominant boxers of all time is overly impressed with the Paul boys making headway in the ring.

Or is he? Tyson did say outright that he likes the Paul brothers, so perhaps there is a certain level of respect there.

Of course, after Mike Tyson returned to the ring last year in a match that ultimately ended in a draw against fellow half centenarian Roy Jones Jr., it’s fair to wonder when he might put the gloves back on himself. Based on his comments, it doesn’t appear that a fight against either Logan Paul or Jake Paul interests Iron Mike one bit.

Hmmm. Maybe that “respect” and “liking” of the Paul brothers is just what Mike Tyson says to let us know he doesn’t want to punch either one in the face anytime soon.

Will Tyson’s “no chance” assessment come to fruition for Logan Paul against Floyd Mayweather? The June 6th fight may still be a whole month away, but the rumors and drama have already begun.

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