Meek Mill Responds to Vanessa Bryant’s Call Out Over Kobe Lyric

The drama for Meek Mill never seems to stop. His latest bit of controversy involves lyrics he recently used in a verse in a new song. The insensitive lyric mentioned Kobe Bryant and his tragic helicopter crash.

The internet quickly came down on Meek for his insensitive comments.

Kobe’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, called out Meek for the lyrics.

Now Meek has responded,  claiming he’s already spoken to Vanessa about the controversial lyrics, and has asked us to change the subject so a grieving Vanessa can move on.

Meek Mill definitely regrets adding that lyric.

I’m pretty sure everyone is in agreement it was way too soon.

Kobe deserves to be honored in rap songs, but just don’t mention the helicopter, that’s not cool.

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