Martellus Bennett Calls out ‘White Media’ Over Unfair Treatment of Black Athletes

Martellus Bennett is once again sounding off. Former NFL player Martellus Bennett was never shy to voice his opinion,  and now that’s he’s no longer playing, he’s really about all sounding off.  The former Super Bowl Champion has been spouting off all kinds of things on Twitter this week.  He pretty much called out football players for not being great guys.

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Check out some of his gems below:

There are some good ones tho according to Bennett.

He continued to rant:

And that was just earlier in the week.

Here’s today rant, where he sounds off on the “White Media”  and how black players don’t get the same coverage.

Tell us how you really feel Martellus.   Bennett is only 33 years old, and might still be playing if he wasn’t so outspoken.

Not saying that’s a bad thing, but football teams don’t want to deal with the headache that comes along with employing Martellus.

He is one entertaining follow tho. . .

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