LSU Coach Upset With Dick Vitale: ‘He Flat Out Lied to Me’

LSU coach Will Wade is not too excited about Dicky V baby.  Wade, speaking on the Jordy Culotta Show, said Vitale “flat out lied” to him before the game, and promised that he wouldn’t discuss the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into Wade and the Tigers’ program during their SEC tournament title game on Sunday.

“How about that guy?” Wade said Wednesday. “How about this? He flat out lied to me.”

“He said he was going to talk about our team and stuff,” Wade said. “He said, ‘I’m not going to bring anything up.’ I said, ‘OK, I appreciate that. That’s nice.’ And I get like 100 texts after the game. Unbelievable.”

Though Vitale said he told Wade that he wouldn’t go into details, he doesn’t feel that he did anything wrong or violate his word.

“I did call Will, and I told him I wasn’t going to get into specifics of all that,” Vitale told USA Today on Thursday. “I promised I wasn’t going to get into all of that as far as what was said by Will. But the production people put up a graphic and told me to talk about it.

“I didn’t lie to Will Wade. I didn’t get specific. I am really upset about what he said. My word is my bond.”

Wade has been under investigation since 2019.

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