Lindsey Vonn May Have Another Olympian In Her Household And It Ain’t P.K. Subban

Olympic ski star Lindsey Vonn and Devils defender P.K. Subban have been shacked up in their home in LA during the quarantine. Videos of the star-studded couple playing with their dogs continue to be a viral sensation on social media. Vonn is a newly retired olympian, however, it looks like another member of her household is destined for the games. Spoiler alert: it isn’t PK.

Vonn has been training her dog Bear in the pool for months and it looks like the pup has made some serious progress! Look out Michael Phelps; Bear is gunning for your records. Meanwhile, Vonn and Subban’s other dog, Lucy, is not nearly as enthused about training for the Olympics. She watched from the sideline while Lindsey and Bear worked in the pool.

P.K.’s New Jersey Devils missed the cut for the NHL playoffs and Vonn is retired, but the two have still been working out like crazy during the pandemic. These professional athletes really don’t take any breaks. Unless the break calls for making a splash in the bathtub with the pup.

Lucy may not like the pool, but she sure seems to be having a good time in the tub. Although, I suppose it would be hard not to in the company of Lindsey Vonn.

Vonn and Subban celebrated a bit of a non-traditional engagement. Lindsey Vonn proposed to P.K. Subban on Christmas Day last year. Yes, you read that correctly. She proposed to him! “Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!” Vonn wrote on Twitter. “On our 2 year anniversary, in a ‘non-traditional’ move, I asked PK to marry me and he said, Yes! Women aren’t the only ones who should get engagement rings! #MerryChristmas #equality”. I mean, come on. I don’t care too much about rings, but landing a successful proposal is nerve-racking. Find me a woman willing to make that kind of move. P.K. Subban, you are one lucky man, my friend.

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