Leonard Fournette Reveals What Tom Brady Texted Every Night Leading Up To Super Bowl

After winning Super Bowl LV, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette shared a bit on the leadership of Tom Brady. Fournette claimed that Brady left simple, strong text messages every night leading up to the Super Bowl. The messages read “we will win”, according to Fournette. And Apparently, that’s all it took for Brady to get through to his teammates.

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Simple, yet powerful. If there’s anyone who knows what it takes to win in the Super Bowl it’s Tom Brady. It is pretty unbelievable that Brady has been to more Super Bowls (10) than any other franchise outside of his ex-team, the New England Patriots (11). Getting his teammates on board is part of what Tom Brady does best. And the Bucs clearly all bought in as they suffocated the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

And now I am completely bought in on Tom Brady being the GOAT. He’s a winner both on and off the field. Seeing him share a moment with his family after winning the game was very heartwarming. Tom Brady is the best to ever do it, however, the Buccs won with an all-around team performance. And it all started with a simple text message.

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