Kyle Shanahan’s Doppelganger Was Calling Plays In The Stands At The 49ers – Rams Game Sunday In Los Angeles

San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was calling plays Sunday against the Rams, but his doppelganger was trying to pull out all the stops in the stands in Los Angeles.

The fan had the white long sleeve shirt, the red hat, the salt and pepper beard, the play card, and even a headset! This man could have easily walked on the field and no one would have even asked him to see credentials.


For reference, this is what Kyle Shanahan looked like in the post-game press conference. Same person? Different? Who knows!

Unfortunately for both Shanahan’s, the 49ers failed to hold a lead and weren’t able to make a come back late when they got down by 3 with under 2 minutes left to play.

The Rams will host the Bengals in the Super Bowl after Cincinnati defeated the Chiefs 27-24 in overtime on Sunday.

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