Kirk Cousins Answers ‘Private, Personal’ Vaccine Question

Minnesota Vikings quarterback and anti vaxxer Kirk Cousins is going to great lengths to avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine and still be allowed to play. Cousins will be willing to do just about anything to  stay healthy.  Just don’t ask him to get the vaccine, that he’s unwilling to do.

“Cousins said he has thought about surrounding himself with plexiglass in the QB room,” . “He was asked why he would go to such lengths when a vaccine would be far more effective and efficient. He said the decision is personal and private.”

Despite the fact that he has already missed four practices due to high-risk close contact, Cousins, who is supposed to be the smartest player on the field, explained to reporters that he’s not getting the vaccine.

“He is “at peace” with his vaccination decision and pledged to be “vigilant” with protocols for unvaccinated players,” Seifert tweeted. “No sign he is reconsidering despite missing four practices as a high-risk close contact.”


The Vikings are sticking with Cousins as the starting quarterback, but it remains to be seen how far into the season Minnesota gets before league policy forces a vaccination policy.

Then we’ll see what happens…

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