Karl Anthony Town Calls Out Anthony Edwards Over His ‘Popeyes’ Diet

Karl Anthony Towns is calling it like he sees it.

After beating the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday and then losing at home Monday to the Spurs in a game that they trailed by as many as 35 points, the Timberwolves’ young star Anthony Edwards took the blame. He also received some criticism from Karl-Anthony Towns.

“This one’s on me, man,” Edwards said after the 115-106 loss. “I came out with no energy at all. If I come out with energy, that changes the whole team. It’s all about me right now.”

Edwards scored 9 points and shot 3-of-15 overall, including 1-of-8 from 3. Towns was asked by The Athletic  how he can help Edwards perform better in back-to-backs, and Towns took the opportunity to criticize Edwards’ diet.

“Maybe I could do a better job of teaching him how to take care of his body, diet and everything. That’ll be on me. I know you all think it’s funny up here when he talks about Popeye’s and all that s***. That doesn’t make me happy to hear. We’re high-level athletes,” Towns said. “But also, that falls on me too, you know. The old cliche, falls on you. Everyone wants to take the blame, but it’s on all of us.”

You have to give credit to Karl Anthony Towns for trying to motivate his teammate.

You can trace the Popeye’s jokes back to last season.  Back in January, Anthony Edwards was asked by Dane Moore about having to rid Popeye’s from his diet in order to add muscle and subtract body fat. Edwards became a pitchman for Popeyes, doing a commercial for Uber Eats in which he and Ja Morant held a “slam dunk contest” about how they dunk their chicken pieces in dips.

Popeyes is one habit that’s hard to break.

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