Kanye West Is Now Apparently Moving To Another Sports Stadium To Finish Recording “Donda”

Kanye West might just never released his new album, “Donda”.

After originally planning on releasing his album earlier in the month, West kept pushing the release of the project off while continuously doing live streams and collaborations from New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


Well, as fans continue to wonder when Kanye West will be releasing “Donda”, they might have to settle for not knowing when the project will ever conclude.

Kaycyy, a rapper who is working closely with Kanye on the “Donda” project took to Twitter in a since-deleted post to announce plans to move from Mercedes-Benz Stadium to another arena to continue working.

“We’re moving to another stadium,” he wrote.

The album’s pre-order page on iTunes now states a new release date of Aug. 15. But with Kanye West, it’s really just anyone’s best guess as to when “Donda” will actually drop.

After his bizarre move to live inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it would be wild for Kanye to do the same exact thing somewhere else, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising given his peculiar nature.

Whenever Kanye West does release the “Donda” album, it’s bound to break the internet.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more vague updates.

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