Kansas Student Hits Half-Court Shot For $19K and Just Wants To Party

What would you do if you hit a $19K half-court shot?

Pay off some debts? Buy something? Go out and celebrate with the boys?!

Everyone has done before. They dream of hitting that half-court shot to win some money.  They practiced in high school just tossing up half court shots until one lucky shot goes in.

Well, in Kansas today, Connor Loney did exactly that. The Kansas student was adamant that he would only need one shot to win it. It ended up taking him three shots, but the rest is history.

After getting dog-pilled by his boys are making the shot, Connor responded to being asked what he was going to do with the money by saying; “Probably go out with the boys…and then also pay for college.”

We will see how much money he has left to “pay for college” after tonight with the boys.

Absolutely epic energy from Connor and the boys after making the shot.

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