Joy Taylor Owns Twitter Troll Who Tried To Fat Shame Her

Before Joy Taylor was Colin Cowherd’s co-host on “The Herd”, she worked with Skip Bayless on his FS1 show “Undisputed”.

On “Undisputed’s” five-year anniversary, Taylor took to social media to share a memory.

After the Tweet, one jagaloon tried to troll Joy Taylor by bringing up her weight.


Joy Taylor was quick to respond to the troll.

Joy Taylor’s Twitter presence often consists of her going right at some of the haters, but this might have been some of her best work yet.

Taylor, the sister of NFL Hall of Fame Jason Taylor, has proven to be a valuable asset for FS1 with her keen sports knowledge, as well as a personality that works for a four-hour daily talk show.

While she continues to catch ridiculous flak from all the trolls on the web, I think Joy Taylor can sleep easy knowing that she has already made it further than anyone who would bother to send an insult her way.

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