Jordan Poyer Announces He’s One-Year Sober

Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer is coming off the best years of his career.

The young safety was a big reason why the Bills made the playoffs last season and will be considered a contender in the NFL for a long time to come. On Saturday, Jordan Poyer made a personal revelation.

Poyer admitted that he has struggled with alcoholism in the past. Yesterday, Poyer announced that he was one-year sober.

A year ago today (3/13/2020) I decided to quit drinking,” the 29-year-old wrote. “Not because of anything special. Like lent or a New Years resolution. But because I was an alcoholic,” Jordan Poyer revealed on his Instagram.

In the post, Jordan Poyer credited his Instagram model wife, Rachel Bush, for getting him on the path to recovery.
“My wife had seen it first hand and honestly if it wasn’t for her & the consistent support from my family and friends idk where I would be. I remember days she would cry because I just couldn’t put a beer down. I remember not being able to play with Aliyah cause I was too intoxicated. I remember feeling thoughts in my head; that would scare the hell out of sober me now,” Poyer said.
Good for Jordan Poyer. Maybe his story can inspire many people to get the help they need.

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