Jimmy Butler Reveals How He Got Peer Pressured Into Drinking Wine For The First Time

Jimmy Butler has become an avid fan of drinking wine in recent years, but it hasn’t always been that way. The Heat all-star recently revealed a story about how he was once peer pressured into drinking wine for the first time. While speaking about how he found a long term home in Miami, Butler recounted a story about how actor Mark Wahlberg convinced him to dabble with wine drinking.


During a conversation with GQ’s Zito Madu, Butler recalled the story of drinking wine on a “Transformers” movie set with Wahlberg back during his Chicago Bulls days.

“I know this date because it was the day before my birthday and I was in Chicago.” Wahlberg was there, filming a Transformers sequel, and had invited Butler to the set. At that point, said Butler, “I ain’t never had wine before.”

Although Jimmy Butler had never tried wine before that point, he couldn’t help but try and play it off by lying to Mark Wahlberg.

“[Mark] was like, ‘Hey, do you drink wine?’” Butler continued. “I’m like, ‘Hell no. I don’t drink wine.’ So I’m looking around and all eyes are on me, and then an individual I was with from the Bulls nudged me. The nudge to me meant, like, ‘Yo, of course you drink wine. Mark Wahlberg’s offering you wine!’” Butler tried to play it cool. “‘Yeah, I drink. I drink wine here and there,’” he said. Wahlberg poured him a glass of 2010 Sassicaia, and Butler thought, “‘You know what? This isn’t that bad.’”

Peer pressure at its finest. The rest is history for Jimmy Butler. Once you try wine with Mark Wahlberg you never go back. Butler is now quite the wine connoisseur and has admitted to having $140,000 of his favorite wine stored up in his home. And if you were wondering if it was the  2010 Sassicaia that Wahlberg introduced him to, well, you’re not wrong. Jimmy Butler is beginning to build his own personal brand and image, which apparently involves drinking wine with Wahlberg. Who knew?

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