Jerry Rice’s Daughter Jada Faced Mistreatment Due to George Floyd

Like most, Jerry Rice’s daughter had a very rough 2020. Not only did she come down with COVID, and had to be placed in the intensive care unit, she also faced some serious mistreatment while at the hospital. According to her latest post, it was all due to George Floyd. Rice’s daughter posted about her experience of being in the hospital with COVID, and how they treated people differently based  off how they contracted the virus.

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The nurses would constantly ask patients if they attended the George Floyd protests.

See below:

“So I know that I shared my COVID experience with everyone, but I just wanted to speak on medical discrimination, negligence, and malpractice. While at Baylor Scott & White in Plano, TX, I feel that I was discriminated against because of my race. My medical concerns went undermined, a few of my nurses were judgmental and cruel; little did I know there was a political agenda behind it all. As many of you know, I acquired COVID from a night out at a bar with some friends. However, after I was placed in the ICU after a cytokine storm which left me unconscious, a nurse asked if I had acquired COVID from protesting for George Floyd. I was confused as to why she wasn’t the only nurse who asked me that, she then told me that it said that in my file. I felt that it was strongly tied to my mistreatment. However, after they found out I was Jerry Rice’s daughter, everything changed. Although I am grateful for my life, EVERYONE deserves equal medical attention and care. I came face to face with death and I think about the narrative they would have pushed if I would have passed. These were the conversations with one of my nurses. I NEVER PROTESTED, but Black Lives DO Matter.”

Scary to think about the people who aren’t Jerry Rice’s daughter, and have to deal with such BS.

Glad she’s fully recovered, and props to her for sharing her story.

Check out more of Jerry’s daughter Jada below:

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