Jerry Jones Blasted The Cowboys Following The Embarrassing Loss Over The Weekend

Jerry Jones isn’t happy.

Following a successful start to the season, the Cowboys came out completely flat on Sunday, and dropped a dud against the Denver Broncos.

Dak Prescott was bad, the running game couldn’t get going, and the defense was outplayed up front from the very start – all of which resulting in an unexpected 30-16 loss.


During his weekly press conference, Jerry Jones spoke, and you could feel the disappointment in his words.

“The thought of getting beat was not in my mind. … I do believe we let the momentum get away from us, and it reflected in our body language. … When you don’t concentrate on just the physicalness. … You can have what happened to you the other day,” Jones said during an appearance on Shan and RJ on 105.3 The Fan. We thought we were ready. … We weren’t, and that’s as flat as any team I’ve seen. We’ve got to get back. … We let our home crowd not get into the game the way you expect a home crowd to do. We basically played what seemed lackadaisical.”

Jerry Jones set the tone for the 2021 season when he declared on “Hard Knocks” that he was willing to do ‘anything’ for a Super Bowl.

It’s been a while for Dallas, but I don’t think it does much good to panic after one terrible loss. Dallas is still far-and away the best team in the NFC East. And they’ll have plenty of time to get their offense back in order.

Jerry Jones’ boys were due for a letdown, and perhaps it’s better to get the bad one out of the way sooner rather than later.

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