Jeff Bezos to Bring NFL Team to London Rumor Hits the Net

Jeff Bezos to bring an NFL team to London?

According to Front Office Sports, the world’s second-richest man has apparently thrown his hat in the ring to be the next owner of the Denver Broncos. Rumors of Bezos wanting to own an NFL team has been out there for years, but as time goes one, the rumors continue to persist. Jay Z has also been linked to the Broncos.

Why buy an existing team when you can start a new one?

The latest rumor points to Bezos possibly taking an NFL to London.


“As a league executive put it this week during a discussion about Amazon and brewing talks for NFL Sunday Ticket: “Bezos wants his own team. He definitely wants to buy a team.” If you’re the league, you can green-light a sale of the Broncos to Bezos or you could talk to Bezos about a London expansion plan that could meaningfully establish a cornerstone in a massive foreign market. Why not reach for the dream here?

Bezos could make that happen. He has the wealth to accomplish virtually everything it would take to make a London franchise viable. Not only could he purchase the land in London and construct an “8th Wonder of the World” stadium complex, he could also establish a fully fleshed-out base of operations in the continental United States, including a massive practice facility, complete with stateside business operations and even player housing for when his franchise might have to make an extended stay in the U.S. during portions of its schedule. Bezos also has the net worth to purchase his own supersonic passenger jets that are in development and expected to become part of travel again late this decade. That could dramatically cut down on overseas flight time for a London franchise and put a Bezos-led franchise on the cutting edge of technology”

Twitter has been all over it.

See below:

Bezos definitely has the money, we know that.

Maybe the other NFL owners don’t want him because in actuality they’re small potatoes in comparison.

Having a permanent NFL team in London can only help the game, in my opinion.

Bezos would be the perfect guy for the job.

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