Jay Cutler Bringing His Hot Takes To The World Of Twitter

Following his retirement from the NFL, former gunslinging quarterback Jay Cutler has undoubtedly increased his popularity.

But his new fanbase consists mostly of right-leaning political people and other people who think his “I don’t give a sh*t” demeanor is cool.

In one of his many anti-COVID restrictions Instagram posts, Cutler insinuated that he believed we were counting a lot of flu cases in the COVID numbers.


Because Jay Cutler is bringing all the hot takes out on social media, he found it best to add some new platforms to what he has going on.

On Monday night, Cutler announced to the Twitter world that he was back.

Fans had a mixed reaction to Jay Cutler’s announcement.

You know Jay Cutler isn’t going to keep his takes to himself now that he has Twitter at his disposal.

Retirement life must be pretty boring for ol’ #6.

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