Javier Baez Makes Plea With Mets Fans Following The Thumbs Down Gesture

The Javier Baez thumbs down gesture has been the talk of the sports world in New York City.

After the Mets’ awful slide has resulted in their playoff hopes being diminished, the fans have been heavily booing Baez and the team. In response, Baez, Francisco Lindor and other Mets players have been celebrating their hits with a “thumbs down” gesture to throw some shade at the fans.

After admitting the thumbs down thing was directed at Mets fans, Javier Baez backtracked when speaking to reporters prior to the team’s double header on Tuesday.

Shortly after his heavily reported on presser, Javier Baez took to social media to ask the Mets fans to stick with him through the tough stretch.


Unsurprisingly, Mets fans weren’t exactly on board with Javier Baez’s “stay together” idea.




The Javier Baez experiment has gone terribly for a New York Mets team who saw themselves as a legit threat to win a World Series during the Trade Deadline.

They traded a top prospect for Baez. And although he’s had some exciting moments, Baez has still swung and missed way too much, which was already a trend throughout the Mets’ lineup.

In all likelihood, the Mets won’t even entertain the idea of signing Javier Baez once he hits the open market in free agency.

Maybe his next team will have a more forgiving fan base.

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