Jake Paul Sends Warning To Anyone Betting on Anderson Silva

Jake Paul is running his mouth, something you can always bet on.

Jake Paul is going to square up against MMA legend Anderson Silva this weekend in what should be a very entertaining fight, at least from a circus perspective.  Jake Paul is still undefeated in his boxing career while the 47-year-old Silva is 2-0 during his brief boxing foray.  This could very well be Jake’s toughest test but once again not against a real boxer.  While speaking to TMZ, Jake predicted that this fight will be over pretty fast.

Jake Paul is looking for a quick knockout, and he firmly believes he’ll do it.

“I’m knocking this guy out,” he said. “I’m promising everyone that. Come back to this interview, everyone, after the fight, and they’ll say, ‘Wow, he predicted the future.’ I have a crystal ball in my room and I can see it.”

From there, Jake also went on to talk about everyone who is betting on the fight. As you will see down below, Paul believes it would be a huge mistake to bet against him.

“You shouldn’t have done it. You should’ve invested into something else,” Paul said. “And everyone who bet on me?? Good stuff, man. You’re gonna have some dough, maybe a new car, maybe your rent paid.”

This is just more of Jake Paul hyping the fight, but he’ll have to back it up like he has in his previous four fights. It is not going to be easy, although if he does pull it off, he will at least have beat a man who is a legend.

Paul is only one punch away from being irrelevant in the boxing world,  hopefully Anderson Silva will land that punch.

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