Internet Reacts to Minnesota Slipping In It Added Another Year to Kirk Cousins’ Contract

Why not pile on Kirk Cousins a little more.

Tom Brady is one of the most famous and accomplished athletes of all time. Everything he does, everything he says, is constantly being reported. Someone very talented and very famous gets more of the limelight than others less talented.

Someone did not pass along this memo to the Vikings and Kirk Cousins.

As Tom Brady announced he was coming out of retirement on Sunday evening, Minnesota announced it was adding another year to Cousins’ exorbitant contract.


The internet went hard at Cousins and the Vikings. NFL Twitter had a lot of fun with a Hall of Famer and a Hall of Have-Not entering the news cycle simultaneously.

Kirk Cousins is so grossly overpaid it’s almost a joke, but hey, this is the market for QB’s, even if they haven’t won too many playoff games.

If you’re halfway decent you can make a hell of a living playing QB in the NFL.

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