Houston Astros Reportedly Complained To MLB About Fans Taunting Them

The Houston Astros shame tour is officially on.

After the infamous 2019 sign-stealing scandal, the Astros were gifted when no fans were allowed at stadiums in 2020 due to the pandemic. Now, fans are back (at limited capacity) and nobody has forgotten about the Astros cheating scandal. Last night, Yankees fans really poured it on the Astros players during the game at Yankee Stadium.


While the Astros had to know that they were going to be receiving all the chirps from fans all over the league this season, they still don’t seem to be handling it too well.

According to a report, the Astros have put a complaint in to the MLB about the taunts they’re receiving on the road.

A Yankees fan was asked to remove his trash can costume at the park last night. When he asked for an explanation, he was told by security that the stadium policy had changed after the Astros made a complaint to the MLB.

Via Sports Illustrated

Taub was delighted at the thought that he could welcome them to town encased in his own trash can.

When he arrived wearing the costume and carrying a sign reading YOU AIN’T STEALING THIS COSTUME TRASHTROS, he drew laughs and cameras. Unfortunately, he also drew attention from security. “Our policy changed,” he said the guard told him. Taub said the guard added that the Astros had complained to MLB about fans in other cities, and MLB had told the Yankees to tighten their rules. (The Astros, the Yankees and MLB did not immediately return a request for comment.)

Some fans were able to sneak in trash cans smaller than Taub’s. Ryan Donohue happened to own a foot-tall plush Oscar the Grouch; he taped on an Astros logo and added a mask inscribed BANG! Chico Heano wore a small plastic trash can around his neck and occasionally smacked it with a pencil shaped like a baseball bat. And two people in section 203 smuggled in inflatable trash cans, which they blew up in their seats and quickly had confiscated. (The Bleacher Creatures briefly batted one around like a beach ball.

If they Astros actually went to the MLB with a complaint about how they were being treated by opposing fans, that is so incredibly weak.

These guys created an elaborate sign-stealing scheme where they would set up cameras, and bang on trash cans to indicate to the hitter what pitch was coming next. It was truly unprecedented stuff, and none of the players had to receive any punishment for it.

The least they can do is endure the taunts from opposing fans. Or just recognize that it’s going to happen whether they like it or not.

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