Here’s Where Tim Tebow is on the Jaguars Unofficial Depth Chart

There’s depth charts, then there’s the unofficial depth chart. And the Jaguars have issued their officially unofficial depth chart. Via Cole Pepper of, tight end Tim Tebow is currently buried on the depth chart. NO surprise there.


“In advance of the Jaguars’ first preseason game, the team released a depth chart for the first time this season. But if you want to know who the starting quarterback is, you’ll have to look elsewhere for answers.

The depth chart lists Gardner Minshew or Trevor Lawrence as the starting quarterback.

At running back, it’s James Robinson or Carlos Hyde.

Even at tight end, there is a lack of certainty after the top three. Chris Manhertz is listed as the starter with James O’Shaughnessy as the backup and Luke Farrell as the third-string option. After that, take your pick between Ben Ellefson or Tyler Davis or Tim Tebow.”


Looks like there’s at least three other Tight Ends listed ahead of Tebow.

Through two weeks of camp, Tebow still hasn’t spoken to the media.

But that probably has more to do with Tebow not trying to stick out in a bad way. He’s just keeping his head down putting in the work.

Maybe that mentality will help him land a roster spot…

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