Henry Ruggs Was Caught Playing NBA 2K After Posting Bail From DUI Crash

Henry Ruggs is currently awaiting trail after being charged with DUI leading to death from a tragic case earlier in the month.

The Raiders receiver has since been released from the team as he deals with the legal ramifications of his actions.

Just recently, Ruggs was able to post his $150,000 bond from prison. And during his down time, people on social media are convinced they spotted him playing NBA 2K.


Henry Ruggs has a lot on his plate right now. But apparently he’s trying to soak up all the gaming time he has before he’s likely served with jail time.

While Ruggs has not spoken on the matter, Derek Car, other current and former teammates, and coaches have come out to say they’ll be there if he needs assistance following his life-altering mistake.

Clark County district attorney Steve Wolfson said Henry Ruggs would get at least two years behind bars, and could serve up to 50 years if he’s convicted on all of his charges.

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