Braves Fans Are Livid With Joe Buck Immediately Speculating On Freddie Freeman’s Future Following Home Run

Joe Buck picked some bad timing during his call on a Freddie Freeman home run.

The longtime Braves first baseman hit a blast to left-center to extend the Braves lead to 7-0 in what will end up being a series-clinching Game Six in Houston.

Right after the ball left the yard, Joe Buck brought up the fact that it could be Freddie Freeman’s last memory with the Braves due to his expiring contract.


Obviously, the last thing Braves fans wanted to hear Joe Buck say in that moment was to remind them Freddie Freeman might not be with the team much longer. And they let the Fox broadcaster have it on social media.

Did Joe Buck ruin Freddie’s moment?

The last thing Freddie Freeman’s mind is his expiring contract, with him nearing his first ever World Series championship. But that’s what came to Joe Buck’s thoughts in that moment, and now he has a whole plethora of Braves fans hating his guts.

Freeman has unsurprisingly been consistent all playoffs long, with the big hit coming in the NLDS when he took Josh Hader deep to clinch that series.

If I had to guess, Atlanta will most likely do whatever it takes to keep Freddie Freeman in a Braves uniform going forward. And fans will hopefully get to forget Joe Buck’s mis-timed call of the home run.

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