A Fake Jeff Passan Twitter Account Was Fooling A Bunch Of Journalists During The MLB Trade Deadline

Will the real Jeff Passan pleas stand up?

While fans and members of the media were scrambling during the MLB Trade Deadline, some people found the perfect opportunity to troll everyone.


With Kris Bryant being a main piece left on the trading block as the cutoff for the deadline was approaching, a fake Jeff Passan Twitter account “broke” the news of Bryant being dealt to the Yankees.


Sure enough, big baseball writers Bob Nightengale and Jesse Rodgers took the bait.

Jeff Passan acknowledged the troll with a hilarious tweet.

Kris Bryant was traded shortly after the Yankees fib, as he was actually dealt to the San Francisco Giants. Fittingly, the real Jeff Passan was on it first.

The MLB Trade Deadline was packed with a lot of moving pieces, including Kris Bryant. But perhaps nobody won the day more than the fake Jeff Passan.

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