Eli Manning Shares Advice He Gave Nephew Arch manning About Dealing With High Expectations

If you are unaware of the emergence of Peyton and Eli Manning’s nephew, Arch Manning, as one of the rising football recruits in the country, then you might live under a rock.

Arch has been widely reported on, covered, and recruited as one of the top QB prospects we’ve seen in a long time.

If any member of the family can relate to all the pressure being put on Arch Manning, it might be Eli Manning. The younger brother of Peyton had to grow up in his older brother’s shadow, and ended up following in his foot steps to the NFL.

After two rings with the New York Giants, it would seem that Eli would have some advice for how Arch Manning can deal with all the noise.

Eli revealed his message to his nephew.

“I feel for him. I mean, he’s got so much pressure, so many expectations,” Eli Manning said via Bro Bible. “People say, ‘Hey, I hear your nephew is going to be the best of all of y’all.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s no pressure.’ Peyton just went into the Hall of Fame this year. It’s not hard to become better than him and have a better career.’”

“I told him, ‘Hey, enjoy being a high school football player.’ Like, that is a great time in your life, some of the best friends you’ll have forever. Don’t start thinking so much about colleges or, ‘Hey, where am I going to go play college?’ and think about the next levels where you don’t get to enjoy this time in your life.”

“Just enjoy it, work hard at it, be a great teammate. You’ll figure out where you’re gonna go play college.”

Arch Manning likely has a leg up on other high schoolers, being able to take in a bunch of information from Peyton and Eli Maning. But with that comes a bunch of added pressure and expectations, as well.

Like Eli insinuates in his quote, it is important to remember that Arch is still just a high school kid. And he should be enjoying every bit of the moment without looking to ahead to the future.

For now, Arch Manning is the top recruit for the 2023 recruiting class, and seems to have a rifle for an arm.

Time will tell if he lives up to the ungodly expectations placed on him because of the illustrious careers of Peyton and Eli Manning.

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