Eagles Super Fan ‘Edp445’ Responds to Being Exposed as Alleged Pedophile

Famous Eagles fan Edp445 is being accused of pedophilia after he was caught on camera allegedly trying to meet with a 13-year-old girl. EatDatP*ssy445 aka Bryant Moreland, has 2 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s known for being an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan and for his vulgar, funny vlogs.

Now he’s been getting some backlash after footage of him meeting up with a minor in Bakersfield, California, was posted by YouTuber Chet Goldstein.

Watch below:


Goldstein runs a group called Predator Poaches, which catches alleged predators who prey on underaged children online.

They DM’d him:

According to the screenshots, the texts eventually became sexual, even after Moreland allegedly became aware that Sophie is 13.

“I can taste and lick on your v*gina and then you can suck on my d*ck,” Moreland allegedly wrote in one message. “Sorry if that’s weird.”

More below:


The video of Moreland ends with him telling someone over the phone that he’s going to jail, but he walks back to his car.

He then took to Youtube to explain himself:


Now his Eagles videos don’t really seem all that funny.

Be careful on the internet folks, you never know when you’re getting catfished.

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