Dwayne Wade Explains How His Pregame Ritual Was A Tribute To One Of His Favorite Players In A Heartwarming Interview

Dwayne Wade is undoubtedly one of the most talented NBA players of the generation. However, the casual NBA fan may not be familiar with his pregame ritual. Even those who are familiar with it likely don’t know the story behind it.  Wade explained in a TNT interview that his pregame ritual was a tribute to another generational talent and one of his favorite players.

If seeing these two all-time greats reminisce on their days in the NBA didn’t warm your heart, then you must not be a fan of the game. Wade calling Vince Carter one of the NBA’s GOATs is mad respect as Wade, himself, is one of the greatest players of our time. Wade (38) and Carter (43) are closer in age than some might realize. Although, it is still pretty crazy that Vince Carter was in the league for Wade’s entire career. With the Hawks eliminated from the postseason race, Carter officially announced that the 2020 season was his last. His career was definitely a memorable one for Wade and many other players and NBA fans.

Carter had no shortage of memorable dunks in his illustrious career. Wade referenced the dunking clinic Carter would put on during warmups in the TNT interview. It was a thing of beauty and something you rarely see in today’s NBA.


Carter’s in-game dunks were equally as impressive. The man was a walking highlight reel. In his prime, Wade was too. They didn’t call him The Flash for no reason. The nickname was given to him by former teammate and another all-time great, Shaquille O’Neal. The two won an NBA Championship together in 2006, with Wade taking home the NBA Finals MVP trophy.

The NBA is a special fraternity; only the most elite get a bid. Wade and Carter are two of the greatest players of the modern era and of all time. Both have a seat waiting for them in the hall of fame. Wade’s interview with Carter was a great sendoff for the only man to play in the NBA in four different decades. Peace out Vinsanity. The mark you left on the NBA will be everlasting.

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