MLB Fans React To Dusty Baker’s Son, Darren baker, Being Drafted Into The MLB

If you were watching the 2002 World Series, you know the story of Dusty Baker’s son, Darren Baker.

Darren was a little kid working as the bat boy at the time. Completely oblivious to the ongoing play at the plate, Darren ran onto the field to pick up the bat. As Giants star J.T. Snow was heading for home, he swooped up Darren Baker, saving the kid from being trampled.

Well, Darren Baker is all grown up now. And he had just been drafted to the MLB.

Darren Baker is a speedy second baseman and finished the college baseball season with an impressive .327/.402/.354 slash line to go along with 28 stolen bases.

After hearing the Dusty Baker’s son was drafted, social media exploded with nostalgia.


God, if that doesn’t make you feel old … I remember Darren baker’s days as a bat boy like it was yesterday. Now the kid is hoping to enjoy a nice long career in the MLB.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see him play for his dad at some point down the road.

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