Dusty Baker Was Drinking Beer Out Of A Shoe To Celebrate The Astros Clinching

You really gotta hand it to Dusty Baker.

He came in to the Astros immediately after the sign stealing scandal that he had nothing to do with, and took it in stride. At the same time, the COVID pandemic was threatening sports, and the MLB had an incredibly awkward shortened season.

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But this year, Dusty Baker got his revenge. In a full season, his Houston Astros regained their dominance, and clinched the AL West on Thursday night.


During the locker room celebration, Dusty Baker’s players convinced their manager to do a “shoey” – drinking a beer out of a shoe.

Dusty Baker has now become the fifth manager in the history of the MLB to win a division crown with five different clubs.

Baker and his crew will enjoy the hell out of this moment. But when the dust settles, they’ll set their sights on October, where they’ll undoubtedly have to embrace their roles as villains during their quest for a second World Series Title in five years.

Dusty Baker will also try to fend off the stigma that his teams choke in October.

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