Doris Burke’s Inadvertent Raunchy Commentary Goes Viral

NBA announcers have very tough jobs. They have to constantly be improvising while covering the game. Sometimes they can say things, that out of context, come off as very raunchy or racy. That’s what happened to Doris Burke over the weekend. During a game between the Bucks and Clippers, Burke had a very unfortunate choice of words as she described a sequence of events. The play involved Giannis Antetokuonmpo giving some help-side defense to Khris Middleton, who was guarding Kawhi Leonard.

“You have to know when to come,” she said.

“So Khris does a great job. Giannis comes from behind and gets a piece of it. Like, it’s not just when you come; it’s how hard you come. Are you coming when the dribble is dead? Are you coming when he gets into his shooting motion?”

Watch below:

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The internet reacted accordingly:

The internet is a cesspool filled with derelicts.

And that’s why we love it!

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