Dodgers Fan Head Butts Astros Fan To Cap Off A Whole Week Of Brawls At Dodger Stadium

All week, we saw some crazy brawls in the stands during the series between the Astros and Dodgers.

To cap off all the fun, a new video of a Dodgers fan going all-out to head butt an Astros fan on Wednesday night has been circling the web.

It appears as though the Astros fan was being taken out of the game by Dodgers Stadium security when the Dodgers fan just comes out of no where and goes straight for the head butt.


Following the move, it looks like security went to take the guy who pulled out the always-entertaining head butt.

After all the action a Dodger Stadium during the two game stint with the Astros, I think it’s safe to say that security is beyond happy that it’s over now.

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