Doc Rivers Roasts Sixers Reporter For Asking A Question While Laying In Bed

Working from home is a weird type of grind. Those who didn’t already have the ability have certainly gotten used to it of late. It’s both a blessing and a curse. You get to skip out on the bad things like commutes and winter weather, all while avoiding some of the good things like personal hygiene. Doc Rivers had the opportunity to answer some questions from some remote workers after last night’s game. One of the settings, specifically, took him by surprise.

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Doc Rivers laughed it off like the professional he is, but it wasn’t without throwing a little shade at the young reporter. “Jesus Christ, Jackson”, Doc Rivers said when he found out he was being asked a question from someone’s bed.

Jackson attempted to come to his own defense after the clip started making the rounds. He claimed that he was at his parents’ house where he doesn’t usually work or live.

Props to Jackson for taking it like a man while talking live with Doc Rivers. He didn’t make any excuses at the time and just admitted to being in bed. To Jackson’s defense, he is far from the only one who has done the work from home thing in bed during these crazy times. So far, he’s just the only one to go live with Doc Rivers and expose himself for doing so. Ballsy move Jackson.

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