DK Metcalf Jokes About Being Carted Off the Field To Use the Bathroom

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Seattle Seahawks superstar receiver DK Metcalf had a big game for the Seattle Seahawks against the Detroit Lions in Week 4. The bulky wideout apparently left it all on the field because he had to take a ride on the injury cart in the 4th quarter to get to the locker room, why you ask?  So he could use the bathroom.

Watch below:

Sideline reporter Jen Hale was the one to break the news that Metcalf was in fact headed to the restroom on the broadcast. Twitter immediately exploded with Paul Pierce and Lamar Jackson references.

Whatever happened while DK  was using the little boy’s room, Metcalf took the cart back to the sideline when he was done.

Metcalf posted a hilarious tweet about the incident a few hours later.

“That clinch walk wouldn’t have made it,” he wrote with a laughing emoji.

Fortunately for Metcalf, he appears to have made it to toilet before anything explosive took place.  To make matters even better, the Seahawks also defeated Detroit 48-45 as the former All-Pro Metcalf finished with a season-high 149 yards receiving. He is not the only NFL star to have experienced that kind of in-game crisis either.

Paul Pierce famously had to leave the court to take a deuce.

We forget that these guys are just normal people, and sometimes nature calls when they’re at work.

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