Dan Orlovsky Believes Dak Prescott is ‘Playing Scared’

The Dallas Cowboys currently sit atop the NFC East, but things haven’t been all that smooth on the offensive side of thing of late for America’s team.

It’s really been the Cowboys’ defense that’s keeping them in contention. Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky believes Dak Prescott is regressing as the season goes on, and it’s hurting Dallas.

Orlovsky gave his thoughts on Prescott on ESPN’s ‘Get Up.’

“Dak Prescott is regressing. He is the reason right now, that there’s offensive struggles. He looks like he’s playing scared football. There’s no comfort or trust in the pocket. He’s scared to hold the ball in the pocket, scared to hang in there and make a play. Scared to go be creative. Then there’s no consistency with conviction of his eyes and feet.”

“We’re at two months since the last time he played against a good team and played well. There is regression this season.”

As far as Dak possibly playing hurt, not the case.

Despite Dak Prescott’s drop-off last several weeks, the Cowboys are 9-4, having won three of their last five games.

Dak just needs to manage the game at this point, not lose games.

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