David Spade Pretended to be ‘Alex Rodriguez’ Sliding into Anchor Belinda Russell’s DMs

David Spade must keep up with the news, because he recently made a a pass at a gorgeous Australian TV personality by “posing” as A-Rod. The former New York Yankees slugger made news last week when “Today Extra” anchor Belinda Russell revealed that following his break-up with Jennifer Lopez he direct-messaged her on Instagram to compliment her TikTok account, saying “great content.”

A-Rod later denied it was him:

Then only a few days later, she revealed that the former SNL funnyman had kidded around with her, pretending to try to benefit from A-Rod’s DM game.

Russell said on the show that Spade had sent her an Instagram message saying:

“Hey. It’s ARod. New phone.”


You have to respect David Spade for shooting his shot using A-Rod’s name.

Of course all of these DM’s to her are pointless, she’s a happily married woman.

Check out more of the Aussie beauty below:

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