Cowboys Wide Receiver Amari Cooper Declares Himself the Best Receiver in the NFL

There’s no position in football with more confidence than that of the wide receiver. For whatever reason, wide receivers are always full of themselves. On Tuesday night, Dallas Cowboys Wide receiver Amari Cooper made a very bold comment to the Dallas Cowboys website. Per, Amari  cooper declared himself the very best receiver in the game.

Has he proven himself to be the best in the game?

Not yet.

“There are guys who have actually put up some great numbers, they’ve taken advantage of their opportunities and stuff like that,” he said. “I’m just still trying to take advantage of my opportunities and trying to put up those numbers to lead the league in yards, touchdowns, all across the board really.”

Fantasy owners are probably stoked to hear him say that, but all that matters is he produces like he’s the best in the game.

Cooper feels more like a second or third tier receiver, not one of the games elites.

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