Conor McGregor-Justin Gaethje Fight May Be Up Next After Conor Buries Him (And Everyone) In Twitter Rant

There may be no rest for the weary for Justin Gaethje after he won the interim lightweight title in a fifth round stoppage against Tony Ferguson and top draw Conor McGregor targeted him on Twitter for a big money McGregor-Gaethje fight. McGregor posted a multi-tweet rant Monday afternoon that reads a lot like an interview with him given how he jumped from topic to topic. McGregor’s reply above acknowledges a previous tweet that Gaethje posted last September that was, shall we say, not the nicest:

Gaethje’s blows on Twitter are as speedy and efficient as the ones he buried Ferguson with on Saturday night.

But back to Conor McGregor who continued to go on about a potential fight with Gaethje:

Gaethje’s fellow UFC 249 main eventer Tony Ferguson was the recipient of some backhanded compliments and insults equally from McGregor:

Conor and I may have different views on the verb “love” but sure. He goes on to throw a little more Tony Ferguson shade while dragging Dustin Poirier into the mix:

Conor, of course, couldn’t help but also insult archrival Khabib Nurmagomedov, currently unable to fight due to the international travel restrictions:

And Conor closed it off with one final promise:

Hardcore MMA fans may question McGregor’s game relative to his prime but it’s hard to argue the man doesn’t know how to sell a fight. With seven somewhat rambling tweets, he’s set up a handful of current potential fights for himself as well as others in the lightweight division, promoted future potential storylines, and emphasized what UFC wants to hear in that the lack of fans may actually make for a more compelling TV product. For a man whose tweet barrage may have been at least partially fueled by some Proper Twelve whiskey, he definitely does his thing in the promotional department.

Manic-sounding tweets aside, we’ll all be ready to plunk another PPV down for a McGregor-Gaethje fight or whatever Conor’s involved with next. Cue up the highlight reel (that conveniently has amnesia about his foray into boxing against Floyd Mayweather):

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