Conor McGregor Calls Out ‘Embarrassing’ Floyd Mayweather Over Jake Paul Stunt

During the media event for the exhibition boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, it was Jake Paul who stole the show. When Mayweather said he’d be open to fighting both Paul brothers in the same night, Jake Paul got in his face. He then took his hat, and Mayweather ran after him. Paul ended up with some bumps and bruises, but didn’t seem all too worried about it.


Shortly after the whole interaction between Paul and Mayweather went viral, MMA star Conor McGregor chimed in, saying Floyd looked ’embarrassing’.

I’m on team McGregor on this one. Floyd Mayweather is playing right into the Paul brothers’ hands with this whole charade. These exhibition fights make a lot of money, but they are such a clown show.

Give me a real fight over some Youtubers getting clout any day of the week.

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