Carole Baskin Was Pranked Into Giving Her First Interview Since ‘Tiger King’ Thrust Her Into The Spotlight

Carole Baskin, endearingly known to “friends” like Joe Exotic as That Bitch Carole Baskin, has mostly eschewed the spotlight since the Tiger King documentary swept the nation in the early times of quarantine. Her organization, Big Cat Rescue, has put out multiple statements that attempt to discredit the documentary as well as the most noteworthy implications that she may have had something to do with the death of her wealthy husband Don.

Unfortunately, the promised allure of an interview with Jimmy Fallon was too much for Carole to ignore. The YouTubers, Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, roped her in under the guise of Fallon (unbeknownst to Carole, just a soundboard of Fallon clips) not talking about Tiger King but rather the big cat issue writ large:

It’s quite the journey for these two to get Carole and her team to agree but they pull it off as they get her on a Zoom call with both of them and their pre-edited clips of Fallon:

The whole video is quite the Ocean’s Eleven style journey to get Carole to say, well, pretty much nothing. But it’s a hell of a con by these two fellas to get through the palace guards and reach the Tiger Queen. It honestly almost gets to the point where you have to feel at least a bit bad for her, potential unscrupulous husband issues aside. Half her staff has been laid off thanks to the lack of tourism revenue with volunteers who attempt to take care of the big cats’ needs. Carole not only has to deal with the awfulness we all face with the pandemic but the downsides of going viral all at once. I’m not Team Baskin or anything now but you’ve got to feel a little humanity for her and her occasional cat-roleplaying husband:

The biggest takeaway for me? It must be INFINITELY easier to pull these grifts off with British accents like these two guys have. I’m sick of talking like some American asshole when a sprinkle of posh Londonite verbiage would make my life a million times better. If ever I can figure out how to sound less like a cockney shoe shine boy or a poor audition for a David Copperfield play when I attempt my British accents, watch out world!

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