Antonio Brown Rips Tom Brady, Bruce Arians After Posting MRI Image of Foot Injury

Antonio Brown can’t stop won’t stop.

The free agent wide receiver posted an MRI image of his foot/ankle Monday on his Instagram account.

Brown went even further, claiming the Bucs “tried to hurt me intentionally” by telling him to go back onto the field in the second half of the Jan. 2 game in East Rutherford, N.J.

“They tried to hurt me intentionally @buccaneers,” Brown said on Instagram. “Sent me out there after knowing I was still hurt. Tom said he would throw it if I came to play hurt I came. He didn’t throw it imagine being hurt having to play through this and being lied to.

“Coach said if I couldn’t run on this get the f—k out of here. F—K all you MF. Still caint stop me @nfl.”

The post has since been removed from Brown’s account.

In a video that accompanied the post, an unidentified man who may be a doctor can be heard going over the image with Brown and detailing what was causing him pain when he ran.

If Antonio Brown keeps this up, no NFL team will take a flyer on him.

If he could only just shut his mouth.

But that’s not AB.

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