Cam Newtons Vaccine Decision Could Be Final Dagger In Quarterback Battle With Mac Jones

Cam Newton has remains mum on whether or not he received the COVID vaccine. But as he now faces a protocol debacle, it has become abundantly clear that he has opted not the receive the shot.

“On Saturday, Cam Newton traveled to a Club-approved medical appointment that required him to leave the New England area. He received daily Covid tests, which were all negative,” read the team’s statement. “Due to a misunderstanding about tests conducted away from NFL facilities, and as required by the NFL-NFLPA protocols, Cam will be subject to the five-day entry cadence process before returning to the facility. Cam will continue participating virtually in team activities and return to the club facility on Thursday, August 26.”

Cam Newton having to be tested for COVID everyday would mean that he still has not received the vaccine.

Therefore, his lapse in understanding of the protocols may put him behind the eight ball when it comes to the Pats’ quarterback competition between him and rookie Mac Jones.

With Cam Newton now out of practice for the next five days, Jones will undoubtedly be taking all the reps with the first team offense.


This should prove to be not only a good experience for Mac Jones, but may also mean that he’ll have more starters looks during the preseason game against the Giants this weekend.

Like many other NFL players, Cam Newton’s decision not to receive the vaccine may hurt him for the upcoming season.

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