Bryce Harper ‘All Good’ After Taking 96.9 Mph Heater to the Face

There’s one reason kids stop playing baseball, they’re scared of getting hit in the face. Bryce Harper is not a fan of getting hit in the face, even though he’s a professional. Bryce Harper said he was “all good” after leaving Wednesday night’s win against the St. Louis Cardinals because he was hit in the face by a 96.9 mph fastball from reliever Genesis Cabrera.

Harper walked off the field in St. Louis on his own accord in the sixth inning with the game tied 3-3, displaying some blood on the left side of his nose.

Watch below:


Cabrera apologized after the game for hitting Harper, saying he was “overthrowing and that’s why I missed the pitches.”

“My prayers go out to Bryce Harper,” he said. “I really wish him the best. I hope he has a speedy recovery. The game kind of got away from me at that point. I’m really sorry for everything that happened today; none of it was intentional.”

After the game Harper took to Instagram to give an update:

“Everything feels good,” he said. “Everything came back good — CT, all that kind of stuff. So, face is still there. We’re all good. See you guys soon.”

Getting hit in the face builds character, everyone knows that.

Nice work Bryce.

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